Saturday, 16 June 2012

Short Fiction: 'Big in Japan'

Fantasy/Slipstream. 3,000 words. Written June 1012.

Published in 'Three-lobed Burning Eye' magazine #23, USA, May 2013.

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  1. Just read your story over on I really liked the concept, but had some questions. Biggest ones are about the names - I dig the homage to Nakajima Haruo, but not sure why the Japanese family has a Chinese last name "Xiang." I've been doing research haven't found a reference for it, so was curious about the choice. Also curious about the actual relationship between Emiko and Kobayashi, since he calls her "sister" but she refers to him exclusively by his family name. I like the almost Lovecraftian Innsmouth-esque idea of transformation into kaiju, and wondered if you'd ever encountered the novel GOJIRO by Mark Jacobson. Definitely got me thinking today. Thanks for the story.